Behind The Mix
re-release 2017

Allan Taylor says: "This recording began as a bonus CD to accompany Colour to the Moon in the special box edition, released in the year 2000. Colour to the Moon has remained in production, but the bonus CD, Behind the Mix was discontinued when the box edition sold out.

We have decided to re-release this Behind the Mix CD because so many people have asked us to make it available again.

Allan Taylor's guitars: 1970 Martin D28 and Ralph Bown Custom
Chris Jones' guitars by Lakewood and Manzanita
Special thanks to Manfred Pietrzok and Moritz Christian Sattler (Manzanita Guitars)

Allan Taylor - vocal & guitar / Chris Jones - guitar, dobro / Grischka Zepf - electric bass / Alex Campbell - vocal & guitar / Derroll Adams - vocal & 5 string-banjo

Allan Taylor's songs are published by Edition Laika in Germany and protected worldwise by the MCPS and the PRS - Great Britain

Produced and recorded by Günter Pauler at Tonstudio St Blasien, Northeim/Germany, June-October 2000

CD PreMastering by Hans-Jörg Maucksch at Pauler Acoustics

Cover photo by Karl-Heinz Jasmer, 1991
Photos on pages 4 and 9 by Gunter Pauler
All other photos from Allan Taylor's private collection

Graphic design by Emre Meydan, based on "Colour to the Moon" by Martin Jeremias

Many thanks to AER sound systems

1 Nadine 5:05

2 The Tennessee Waltz 5:20

3 Save The Last Dance For Me 5:55

4 Story: Thinking of Derroll Adams 1:41

5 Banjo Man 4:57

6 Story: Thinking of Alex Campbell 6:49

7 Alex: When I Paint My Masterpiece 5:17

8 Story: Take You With Me Ally 3:26

9 Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams 3:37

10 AT & DA: Trouble In Mind 2:26

11 AT & DA Let It Come, Let It Go 4:31

12 The story of 'Portland Town' 3:44

13 AT & DA: Portland Town 3.15

14 Story: AT says goodbye to Derroll 7:00

15 Derroll Adams: Memories 3:07

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