The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert

Various Artists:
Allan Taylor & Barnaby Taylor
Johnny Silvo & Arvid Lone
The McCalmans
Mike Silver
Phil Jackson
Jens Memphis
Lillebjorn Nilsen & Terje Venaas
Alan Klitgaard, Leif Ernstsen
Rod Sinclair
Erik Grip, Anders Roland, Hans Esbjer
Iain MacKintosh
Hamish Imlach
Dougie MacLean
Bente Kure

24 songs by a variety of artists.

Allan Taylor performs:

Been On The Road Too Long with
Barnaby Taylor

When I Paint My Masterpiece with
Mike Silver

Leaving London

Pack Up Your Sorrows with
Johnny Silvo, Mike Silver
& Ensemble

Hold On To Me

My Old Gibson Guitar

Been On The Road Too Long with
Mike Silver, Iain MacKintosh
& Ensemble

Gently Does It with
Mike Silver

It's Good To See You with
Bente Kure & Ensemble

The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert
was recorded by Danish Radio at
the Skagen Festival on 2nd July 1995


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